Mehmet Akif Ersoy University Physical Education and Sports School was founded on 15 April 2011 with the 2011/5995 numbered cabinet decision which was published in 27906 numbered official gazette.
There are Physical Education and Sports Teaching, Coaching training and Sports Management Departments in the School. There are also other departments which are bounded to these departments. They are; Physical Education and Sports Education, Psychosocial fields in Sports, Movement and Training Sciences, Sports Health Sciences and Sports Management Departments.

Making Contribution to developments in Contemporary Sports and Science Technologies and  setting up an education culture which produce universal knowledge and technology and which is  researcher, participant, sharer, original and which have aesthetic values; training sportsmen who are professionally competent, researcher, interrogator, and who have analytic thinking and the ability to lead the community and who are respectful to human values and are conscious of the importance of the sports for the health of the community and who adopt the modern sportsmen training methods and who are tied to Atatürk's principles values of the and republic and who have democracy counsciousness and  being one of the prestigious national and international sports institutions.

The school aims to be a pioneer and leader institution which compete with the world universities in the field of sports sciences and technologies . It intends to be an institution which has a participative and collaborative management which promotes teamwork and to be an institution working for solving the sports’ problems within the city and the country. The institution, with its qualified staff and contemporary substructure and reformer and pioneer applications, also aims to train qualified physical education and sports teachers,  trainers and sportsmen by establishing a model and  label in Turkey and in the worldin sports teaching field using the latest technologies in sports science.